Notability: Link Sharing

Creating a Digital Planner Link:

1. Tap on the Export icon on the upper left side of a digital planner.

2. Tap Create Public Link(You will be prompted to log in or sign up).

3. Once you're logged in, tap Create Public Link again.

4. When the link has been generated, tap Share Link to send the link to others.

Editing a Shared Digital Planner:

1. Go to Export

2. Select Update Note. Your edits are now viewable to anyone with a link to that digital planner.

Stop Sharing a Digital Planner:

1. Open a digital planner that you'd like to stop sharing.

2. Go to Export then tap Stop Sharing.

Downloading Shared Digital Planner:

1. Click Download Note or Download PDF in the upper right corner of a shared digital planner link in your browser

2. Open the file (.note or .pdf) in Notability to make edits (You can also open the .pdf file in other apps that support .pdf)

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