How to use our planners with Notability iOS

The basic functions of Notability on iPad or iPad Pro and the BOSS Personal Planner.

  • 0:43 How to navigate the planner
  • 0:56 The toolbar
  • 01:01 How to type text
  • 01:12 How to use the pencil
  • 01:16 How to change brush size and color
  • 01:38 How to highlight texts
  • 01:51 How to change or update texts
  • 02:02 How to erase texts or characters
  • 02:09 How to navigate pages
  • 02:21 How to see the planner’s overview
  • 02:30 How to bookmark

*If tabs don’t work, deselect the pen/write tool. Notability doesn’t allow you to click links when the pen is selected. If you deselect the pen/write tool, it allows you to freely click on the links. When you're ready to write again, you click the pen tool again.

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