Xodo: Synching Files Between Android and Windows

In order to sync the planner between Xodo and Android, we recommend using existing cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive that both platforms can use.

On Android, Xodo integrates those apps as cloud storage solution directly in the app. We highly suggest Dropbox for any digital planners.

Please see the below guides for instructions:

On Windows, we recommend installing the desktop version of the cloud storage application. This will create a folder on your system that is automatically kept in sync. Files in this folder can then be opened like normal files, and changes will be synced seamlessly. You can also pin this folder in Xodo's File page.

Google Drive

Google Drive app has recently added an Edit button when previewing a file. Xodo can be used to edit the PDF planner.  Here are the steps:

1. Select the planner inside Google Drive App and click the Edit button.

2. Tap Xodo from the selection of apps.

3. Xodo will open your planner.

4. You can now edit the planner.

4. After editing, tap the system back button to return to Google Drive app

5. Click the system back button again to go back to the files list/grid.

6. You should see that the modified file is getting uploaded.

7. After your upload is finished, your changes have been synced.  


Ensure that you have the OneDrive app installed in order to be able to use the Android System Picker to open OneDrive files.


Method 1: Open the planner via Dropbox app

1. Open the Dropbox app.

2. Tap on the button in front of the file you want to open.

3. Select Open with.. then select Xodo.

Method 2: Open the planner via Dropbox tab in Xodo 

1. Open the Dropbox tab.

2. Select the planner and wait until it's finished loading.

3. The planner should open automatically in Xodo.

Note: Though our digital planners work as well on Windows, please be reminded that there will be some limitations as our digital planners are intended to be used with a tablet.

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