How BOSS Personal Planner works?

BOSS Personal Planner is a digital planner (a pdf planner) that is almost similar to a conventional paper planner that you buy from a typical stationery store. But instead of paper, it is being designed so you can use it on iPad or any tablet of your choice. This has to be set up with an annotation or note-taking app that will help you to manage and organize your planner better, and that will allow you to write like a pen and paper. It has a set of tools that can help you add text, change color, draw shapes, insert images, duplicate a page, among many others.

To make the planner work, you'll need to download the pdf planner and import the file into a note-taking or annotation app. We highly suggest Goodnotes 5 or Notability for iOS or Xodo (free app) for Android tablets. To check the other alternative apps, please see the list at our Support page.

How to open your planner with: 

Learn some basics on digital planning with:

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