Xodo: Saving a Copy of a File with a New Name

Method 1: From the viewer

1. Tap the Overflow button to open an overflow menu.

2. Tap Save a Copy from the menu.

3. Tap Identical Copy.

4. Select the digital planner destination when prompt and give the planner a new name.

Method 2: From the file browser

1. Tap one of the file browsing tabs, Folders, All Documents or SD Cards.

2. Long press on a file to bring up the file management options. Tap the Duplicate icon to make a copy of a digital planner.

You can also tap the file's Information icon, then tap Duplicate.

3. Long press or tap the Information icon of the newly created file copy, and tap the Rename.

4. Enter the new name of the digital planner in the popup dialog, then tap OK

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