I have put in some handwritten entries but they don’t stay on the pages?

Looks like there's a bug on your app the reason why the planner is behaving that way on your iPad. Can you please reset up your planner and let's see if there will be any changes? Please record the whole process, so we can have a better look and so we can document the issue for future reference.    

Step 1: Delete all the files from your folder (iCloud & Goodnotes or Notability) especially in the Recent Opened Documents. Basically all the BOSS planner files. 

Step 2: Copy & paste the download link to your Safari browser. Chrome if iPad Pro.

Step 3: Download your PDF planner.

Step 4. Open your Goodnotes or Notability app, select the import icon, then select the planner PDF file.            

[Go to the app > On the top left or right side of the screen click “+” > select “import” > at the bottom of the screen, click “Browse” > Find the planner > Click on the planner to import it into the app]

Step 5. Check the tabs, the monthly sections and the other tools if they are working.  

Step 6. Please send the video to support@bosspersonalplanner.com after if this didn't work.

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