Xodo: Merging PDFs, Images, and Adding Blank Pages to Existing PDFs

With Xodo, you can merge multiple PDFs, PDFs with images, and insert blank pages into existing PDFs.

1. Select wherein the planner you want to add the new document with.

2. While viewing your digital planner, tap on the center to bring up the Thumbnails icon on the lower left-hand side. Tip: Don't tap on the area where there links.

3. Click the Add button or the large blue + button in the bottom right corner.

4. Select From Another Document to merge an entire PDF document, select From Image to add an image as a new page, or select Page to add a blank page to the document.

5. To add content using From Another Document or From Image, select the file(s) needed in the Documents or Downloads folder under My Files.

The added content will appear behind the currently selected page. If you want to insert an image after page 876, select page 876 first, and then add the file. Enable Selection by clicking on the Select button, and then tap on the page you want to insert content after.

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