Notability: Handwriting and Grouping Ink

Adding Handwriting:

1. Select the Pen or Highlighter tool.

2. Use a finger, stylus, or writing tablet to write, sketch, highlight, or color anywhere.

Changing Ink Color, Width, or Style (Dotted and Dashed Lines):

1. Select the Pen or Highlighter tool.

2. Access dotted and dashed lines by swiping over to the second pen styles page. 

Erasing Handwriting:

1. Select the Eraser tool.

2. Tap a handwritten stroke to erase it.

Grouping Ink:

1. Select the Lasso tool and draw around the separate ink that you'd like to combine together.

2. Tap inside the drawn circle and a menu will appear. 

3. Select Group. You can now make changes (move, scale, rotate) to the items as one. 

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